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Infin8 Solutions Offers UGE 4kW Vertical Access Wind Turbines

Infin8 Solutions offers a range of clean energy solutions for home and small business, industrial, and utility and wind farm. It offers wind and wind/solar products for homes and small offices. Small wind turbines provided by the company are designed to control the electrical requirements of businesses up to 15,000sq.ft and homes up to 5,000sq.ft. They can be easily mounted by homeowners. Small wind turbines are available in the following models: UGE 1kW, UGE 4kW, UGE 10kW and Dyocore.

The UGE 2nd Generation 4kW wind turbine is suitable for homes having 2,000sq.ft. It can be mounted on a stand alone tower or on a roof. This small wind generator provided by Infin8 Solutions is functional and available in a flowing design. The UGE 4kW turbine is a vertical access wind turbine that varies in many ways from a standard wind turbine. It is designed to suit the customers in urban environments and it is quiet and safe for birds. This unit has to be installed by a contractor.

The UGE 4kW vertical access wind turbine offered by the company operates efficiently in urban environments. It is designed for low wind speed operation. This second generation 4kW wind generator from Infin8 Solutions is operates without any noise. The overall profile of this small wind turbine is 11ft x 6ft. This turbine is available in customised colors.


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