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Integra II Pellet Stoves from RIKA

RIKA manufactures a range of heating systems, such as pellet stoves, woodburning stoves and water heating stoves. The pellet stoves are available in the following models: Como, Integra II, Rio, Visio, Memo and Topo. The Integra II pellet stove is automatic, and it can be set to operation by setting the ignition time and with a push of the button. It incorporates an electronic system that operates the automatic fuel supply and is attached to a thermostat.

Integra II Pellet Stove

Once the pellets are filled in the container, they can burn continuously up to 72 hours. These pellets contain 100% pressed waste wood. The lignin, which is present in wood, holds the pellets together. The pellets are dry and can be stored in small space. They burn cleanly and their residual ashes are utilized as garden fertilizers. The Integra II pellet stove has a large compartment to store 32kg of pellets. The worm conveyor system feeds pellets into the combustion chamber. The CO2-neutral combustion process starts automatically with an ignition cartridge inside the combustion chamber. The amount of air required in the combustion chamber is added with a patented volume sensor.

The Integra II pellet stove includes a fan that sends the smoke into the chimney. The radiant heat is controlled by using simple controls, or a RIKA pellet control system together with a time clock and an external room thermostat or a RIKA tele control, which uses a landline or mobile telephone. This pellet stove offered by RIKA is available in ceramic, metal and corpus colors.


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