One Source Offers Nordic TF Series Geothermal Heat Pumps

One Source offers the Nordic TF Series Triple Function geothermal heat pump. The heat pump provides heating and cooling through the air duct system. The air duct system can be controlled by a central thermostat. When the thermostat is satisfied, the heat pump switches to hot water mode automatically. The system supplies the hot water to the swimming pool, in-floor heating system, and other hot water needs.

The Nordic TF Series Triple Function geothermal heat pump is equipped with a separate heat exchanger to supply the potable hot water at any time of operation. The geothermal heat pump is suitable for those homes that require both ducted cooling for the whole building as well as in-floor heating for whole or part of the building. The central thermostat selects the temperature setting and operation mode for the heat pump. The geothermal heat pump can be selected for full or partial in-floor mode.

For the full in-floor mode, the entire home is piped for in-floor heating. Then, the central thermostat should be set back to a point from where the duct system is not called for. This allows the system to operate in hot water mode. For the partial in-floor mode, the heat pump switches between floor heating and space heating. The heat pump, provided by One Source, will provide hot water to both in-floor areas and ducted areas automatically.


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