GeoComfort GT024 Two-Stage Geothermal Systems from Schneider Heating + Air Conditioning

Schneider Heating & Air Conditioning offers GeoComfort GT024 two-stage geothermal systems. The geothermal system is equipped with coated air coils to give a longer life. The geothermal heat pump comprises Copeland UltraTech two-stage scroll compressor. On demand, the heat pump can be included with a hot water generator. The geothermal system is also available with optional auxiliary electric heaters. The heat pump incorporates a large coaxial heat exchanger made of copper. However, heat exchanger made in Cupro-nickel can also be provided as an option.

GeoComfort GT024 Two-Stage Geothermal System

The GeoComfort GT024 two-stage geothermal system comprises stainless steel drain pans that are corrosion proof. Other standard features of the heat pump include condensate overflow sensor, ECM blower motor, and digital controls. The heat pump, provided by Schneider Heating & Air Conditioning, features a recycled Blue Jean insulation that is backed by foil. The cabinet of the heat pump is bolted and coated with white powder.

The geothermal system also includes various additional features such as external service LED, flow switch protection, removable panels, and insulated refrigerant circuit. The GeoComfort GT024 two-stage geothermal system provides a heating output of 22,200 British thermal units per hour at full load, with a co-efficiency of performance at 3.7. The cooling output of the heat pump, at full load, is 29,000 British thermal units per hour, with energy efficiency rating of 16.0.


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