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The Dayton Power and Light Company to Test Alternative Fuels at its Power Plants

A new program has been initiated by The Dayton Power and Light Company (DP&L) for using alternative fuels to operate its power plants. This new initiative is part of the company’s attempt to diversify its fuel mix for its power plants. DP&L has been trying out biofuels at its Killen Electric Generating Station, which is located in the state of Ohio.

Coal-burning power plants can adopt new technologies to use biofuels, which is capable of reducing emissions, and provide clean renewable power. A new market is also created for biofuel producers and local farmers, if power plants that use coal to generate power adopt biofuel technology.

Pellets comprising switch grass and scrap wood were used by DP&L as its fist biofuel test in the Killen boiler. The company mixed the pellets with coal and carried out test burns as approved by EPA in the Killen boiler. To find out the optimum blend of biofuel with coal for use in the boiler, the company is carrying out the testing with various ratios of biofuels to coal and with different compositions of biofuels.

The pellets were supplied by Midwestern Biofuels, Kentucky. The pellets were manufactured by using grasses, which were harvested in Kentucky and Ohio, and waste wood. To satisfy the renewable energy requirements, DP&L is considering adopting biofuel strategy as one of its option. The biofuel tests conducted by the company demonstrate its commitment for a clean environment. Other green initiatives undertaken by the company include solar array installation in Southwestern Ohio and prairie grass project.


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