HydroHeat Mega-Tek TS Quadro-Therm Heat Pumps from P.C.I Geothermal

P.C.I Geothermal supplies the HydroHeat Mega-Tek TS Quadro-Therm heat pump. The heat pump provides air conditioning, space heating and hot water heating, all from one unit. The geothermal heat pump is equipped with an ECM blower motor that features variable speed. The Quadro-Therm geothermal heat pump features TS compressor technology. The heat pump incorporates dual domestic water heating condensers as a standard feature. However, desuperheating can be provided with the heat pump as optional.

The HydroHeat Mega-Tek TS Quadro-Therm heat pump is also featured with a microprocessor controller. When the heat pump is used on open well or earth loop, it provides a cost effective performance than the air source or fossil fuel heating systems. Basically, the geothermal heat pump is suitable for residential applications. But with the advanced technology, the heat pump can also be used for commercial applications.

The Quadro-Therm heat pump system uses the operating software to enable the user to set operating points in the heat pump to suit various applications. The ECM fan motor adjusts the air flow according to the change in the compressor capacity. The fan motor also helps in the soft start of the system. The COP rating of the Quadro-Therm heat pump is 5.4 and the EER rating is 29. The heat pump, offered by P.C.I Geothermal, can heat water to a maximum temperature of 140 degrees Celsius.

Source: http://www.pcigeothermal.com

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