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Firm Lead Consumers to Purchase Products that Meet Environmental Expectations

One of America's largest and most prestigious advertising agencies, responsible for some of the most iconic brand-building campaigns, announces the launch of a new "green" practice

-- Garden(TM) -- that the firm expects to lead consumers to purchase products and services that meet growing environmental expectations.

"Our social audits show the vast majority of consumers want to make environmentally responsible buying choices, but they are still very pragmatic in buying what they want and need," said Campbell-Ewald Chairman and CEO Tony Hopp. "Garden will help marketers reflect their environmental initiatives in messages that connect consumer's needs with client products that contribute to a greener planet."

For decades, Campbell-Ewald has been nurturing consumer trends through compelling and creative advertising campaigns for its clients. Today that includes innovative communications solutions that link consumer desires for high-tech communications and healthier lifestyles. Garden is an outgrowth of work for clients including Chevrolet, Michelin and the United States Postal Service, that is designed to help marketers build their brands and businesses with greener product messages.

According to Campbell-Ewald executive vice president Mark Bellissimo, Garden will develop and build on insights into consumer environmental expectations to grow responsible communications for clients' green marketing initiatives. The agency's Garden Grow Process(TM) reflects marketplace realities and defines communications solutions that organize each client's environmental initiatives with its overall brand values.

"At Campbell-Ewald, we truly believe that the greatest environmental contribution our agency can make is leveraging the enormous power of our clients' advertising to lead buyers to environmentally friendly purchase decisions," said Bellissimo. "Every campaign is an opportunity to reach millions of consumers with environmentally minded, market-focused messages that raise consumer consciousness, change attitudes and showcase the greener products and services that consumers need and want."

To cultivate Garden among its 1,300 employees, Campbell-Ewald will reduce use of plastic bottles of water each year, offering instead, water from recently installed filtered-water dispensers throughout its offices. The agency is switching to recyclable brown cardboard for thousands of presentation boards, replacing foam core mounting. It's also challenging employees to beat last year's recycling record and to develop new and innovative ways to reduce paper copies and other waste. During special "Garden Days," employees will be encouraged to share and practice green-friendly behaviors at home and at the office, bring in hard-to-recycle items and collect leftover art materials and scraps for aspiring young artists. The agency will also welcome other like-minded companies to share practical experiences at its Web site,

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