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Unitel Technologies Establishes Alternative Energy Task Force

Unitel Technologies has established a task force to cater to the alternative energy industry’s unique requirements. Serge Randhava, CEO of Unitel, said the main goal of the task force is to help the clients with innovative solutions and avoid risks in this emerging alternative energy market. Randhava commented that though the new field provides numerous opportunities, only few of the players in this crowded market will succeeded.

Some of the alternative fuel options in the company’s agenda include: bio-ammonia from biomass; Dimethylether (DME), a substitute for LPG and diesel with clean burning properties; Fischer-Tropsch products; cellulosic ethanol methanol, and butanol by thermochemical conversion or fermentation; and biolubricants, biodiesels and bio jet fuels utilizing unrefined high free fatty acid non-edible oils.

Unitel Technologies, based on recent projects, has determined that certain process issues for alternative energy applications require particular consideration and design features. Serge Randhava warned that by avoiding the pilot plant phase, many promoters of alternative energy have failed. Randhava added that to bring an invention to commercial scale production, a well-designed pilot with latest technologies is essential. The recent failures in biodiesel and corn ethanol sectors are due to using outdated process design, Randhava said.


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