EW50 Wind Turbine Generators from Entegrity Wind Systems

Entegrity Wind Systems manufactures commercial-scale wind turbines. The EW50 wind turbine generator is a 50kW turbine that complement the electric power generation for commercial operations, industry, large farms, schools, communities, large buildings and remote locations. The wind turbine is designed to function in high and low wind speeds. There is a built-in industrial electric motor designed for safe and efficient operation. This turbine generator is ULc and UL approved.

EW50 Wind Turbine Generator

The EW50 wind turbine generator is a grid-connected system with horizontal axis configuration. Its rotor has a diameter of 49.2ft. The rotor has a swept area of 1902ft2 and has a fixed pitch hub. The commercial-scale wind turbine provided by Entegrity Wind Systems is capable of generating electric power up to 50kW at a wind speed of 25.3mph. Its design speed of the wind is 133mph, cut-in wind speed is 8.9mph and shut-down wind speed is 56mph. The three blades are made of epoxy/glass fiber material. They are available in a length of 23.7ft and weighs 330lbs. This wind generator incorporates 3 phase or 4 pole induction generator.

The tower available for mounting the EW50 wind turbine generator is a galvanized monopole or free-standing lattice. This turbine is equipped with a microprocessor based control system. The EW50 includes two types of brake system control, namely parking brakes and fail-safe aerodynamic brakes.

Source: http://www.entegritywind.com

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