S322 Vertical Axis Wind Turbines from Helix Wind

Helix Wind provides a range of vertical axis wind turbines including the S322. The wind turbine with its powerful torque capacity can capture wind at different wind speeds. The wind turbine is suitable for low draw applications, urban environments, liquids pumping and off-grid applications. The vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) is simple to install. It does not break down or furl. The wind turbine is featured with modular, tough 3D blade that is easy to assemble.

S322 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

The rotor measures 1.21 meters in width and 2.65 meters in height, and it is made of aluminum alloy. The cut-in speed of the VAWT is 3.6 meters per second. This wind turbine can be connected to the grid through 50 to 60Hz, 110 to 240VAC grid tied inverter. If used in off-grid systems, the wind turbine can be connected to battery charge systems.

The wind turbine is equipped with high efficiency 2.5kW permanent magnet generator. The S322 vertical axis wind turbine does not need braking for normal operation, however manual override is required for maintenance. The wind turbine, offered by Helix Wind, is suitable for monopole tower height of 4.5 to 6.0 meters, depending on obstructions. The wind turbine produces noise lower than five decibels over the background noise. It creates no harm to birds. The weight of the S322 wind turbine is 295 pounds.

Source: http://www.helixwind.com

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