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Hinged Guided Wind Towers Offers Four Guy-Wired Wind Towers

Hinged Guided Wind Towers is a manufacturer of hinged-guided wind tower and guyed-hinged-guided free standing wind tower. The hinged-guided wind tower together with a guidance system is constructed for holding and stabilizing the tower on a precise path. One person can easily lower and raise this wind turbine tower with the hinge at the base of the tower. The patented guidance system allows the tower to be lowered or raised in one direction only, while the tower is being raised and lowered.

The four guy-wired hinged-guided wind towers allow the main pole, which supports the wind generator, to be raised and lowered. The hinged pole kept in a standing position is fastened to a concrete stationary pole. The pole can be attached to the structure for extra stability together with schedule 40 pipe fastened from the rooftop to the concrete stationary pipe. The wind tower from Hinged Guided Wind Towers has a small footprint design. It can be lowered in one direction using the guidance system, which eliminates the 360 degrees fall zone.

The hinged-guided wind tower can be installed at ranch, farm or home by anyone with arc welding skills by using the key components provided by Hinged Guided Wind Towers. The customers must purchase wind generators separately. Hinged Guided Wind Towers manufactures and installs only hinged-guided towers.


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