Hush Wind Power Offers 1.5M Wind Turbines

Hush Wind Power manufactures 1.5m wind turbine. This wind turbine has a compact design and is tolerant to harsh wind conditions. It requires minimal maintenance and has the capability to operate smoothly even during low wind conditions. It generates about 5 to 6 kilowatt hours of power on a daily basis. The round-shaped 1.5m wind turbine consists of smooth outer edges and is suitable for commercial and residential applications.

The 1.5m wind turbine has a rated power factor of 1 and consists of eight pole permanent magnets. The rotor of this turbine operates at a rated speed of 250 rotations per minute. The nominal frequency of the 1.5m wind turbine at a shaft speed of 250 rotations per minute is 50 Hertz. This turbine from Hush Wind Power generates a power of 1.65 kilowatts at a rated wind speed of 15m per second.

This wind turbine from Hush Wind Power has a surrounding obstruction clearance diameter of 15m, while its overall diameter is 1.5m. The generator included in the 1.5m wind turbine is an asynchronous model with three-phase alternating current variable frequency. The shaft of the wind turbine can be mounted at a height of 7.5m above the ground.


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