Bergey XL1 Wind Turbines Supplied by Northwest Power

Northwest Power supplies wind turbines manufactured by Bergey. The Bergey XL1 wind turbine consists of three upwind blades and has a rotor diameter of 2.5 meters. This turbine produces rated output power of 1,000 watts at a rated wind speed of 11 meters per second. The start-up and cut-in wind speeds of the Bergey XL1 turbine are 3 meters per second and 2.5 meters per second, respectively. It has the capability to produce a peak output power of 1,600 watts at a maximum wind speed of 54 meters per second. The furling wind speed of the turbine, provided by Northwest Power, is 13 meters per second.

This wind turbine from Northwest Power incorporates a direct drive mechanism and operates in temperature conditions ranging from -40 degrees centigrade to +60 degrees centigrade. The generator of the Bergey XL1 wind turbine is a permanent magnet alternator with output specifications of 24 volt DC.

The Bergey XL1 wind turbine consists of a fixed pitch blade control unit and has an autofurl overspeed protection feature. This upwind wind turbine from Northwest Power comprises pultruded fiberglass blades. This blade has a maximum breaking strength that exceeds 100,000 pounds per square inch. The Bergey XL1 wind turbine also incorporates a BWC SH3045 airfoil on its blade thereby, providing protection against diverse weather conditions. The noiseless operation of the turbine from Northwest Power is due to the oversized alternator, which functions by slowing the rotor speed.


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