Hush Wind Power Offers 5.5M Wind Turbines

Hush Wind Power designs different models of wind turbines. These wind turbines vary mainly in their overall diameters. The 5.5m wind turbine generates 20 kilowatts power at a rated wind speed of 15 meters per second. This turbine can be connected to the grid with the aid of AS477 415volt AC three phase inverters. It has a rated power factor of 1. The generator of the 5.5m wind turbine is a three phase alternating current variable frequency type asynchronous generator.

This wind turbine from Hush Wind Power operates at a nominal voltage of 380 volts AC and consists of rotor operating at a maximum rotation speed of 115 rotations per minute. The 5.5m wind turbine has a frequency of 50 Hertz with a total of 40 pole permanent magnets. This turbine has a total diameter of 5.5 meters.

The shaft of the 5.5m wind turbine can be mounted at a height of 16 meters above the ground. The turbine has a surrounding obstruction clearance diameter of 30 meters. It can withstand diverse environmental conditions and is capable of generating approximately 100 kilowatt hours of power on a daily basis. The compact designed 5.5m wind turbine can be installed in commercial as well as residential areas.


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