Nordex Offers S70 (1.5MW) Wind Turbines

Nordex manufactures different models of wind turbines including Nordex S70 (1.5MW) wind turbine. The S70 wind turbine’s rotor functions at variable speed. The rotor blades are standardized for their speed-variable operation. The integrated lightening protection system protects the rotor blades. The rotor speed and pitch controls operate simultaneously to balance the wind turbine’s maximum load and maximum yield operations. At low wind speeds this turbine can function with a variable rotor speed and stable blade pitch and at high wind speed the rotor speed and pitch controls operate together to retain a stable power output.

S70 (1.5MW) Wind Turbines

The S70 wind turbine incorporates a gearbox, which is available in a three-stage design, with two spur gear stage and one planetary stage. It is equipped with a double-fed asynchronous generator that allows variable speed operation without transferring the total power through the converter. The rotor blades are made of glass fiber-reinforced plastic and they are available in three numbers. They have a length of 34m and weighs 5,400 to 5,900kg. This wind generator uses microprocessor-based control system and has the grid connection through IGBT converter.

The rotor has a speed of 10.6 - 19.0RPM. Its diameter and swept area are 70m and 3,848sqm respectively. The S70 wind turbine generates 1.5MW at a rated wind speed of 13m/s. Its cut-in and cut-out wind speeds are 3.5m/s and 25m/s respectively. This wind generator available from Nordex can withstand the wind speed of 56.3m/s. It can be mounted on a modular tubular tower.


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