IS3000P Photovoltaic Modules from Istar Solar

Istar Solar manufactures a diverse range of photovoltaic modules. The IS3000P photovoltaic module is designed using polycrystalline solar cells. These polycrystalline solar cells are available in dimensions of 156 millimeters X 156 millimeters and a total of 36 cells are used for manufacturing the IS3000P photovoltaic module. The photovoltaic module from Istar Solar is designed by encapsulating the solar cells in between ethylene vinyl acetate sheets. A four millimeter tempered glass provides protection to the IS3000P photovoltaic module from mechanical stress and diverse weather conditions. This tempered glass has been designed in a specific manner that facilitates maximum concentration as well as diffusion of sunlight on cells. This feature enables the IS3000P photovoltaic module to perform in low light conditions also. The photovoltaic module is protected from humidity with the aid of a white tedlar back sheet.

IS3000P Photovoltaic Module

The photovoltaic module from Istar Solar consists of an anodized aluminum frame with pre-drilled mounting holes that enables easy installation of the module. This IS3000P photovoltaic module is specifically designed for photovoltaic roofs and grid-connected systems. A waterproof junction box is available with the photovoltaic module that has IP55 protection. The IS3000P photovoltaic module also consists of two by-pass diodes that provide protection to the module from hot spot effects. This photovoltaic module from Istar Solar has an overall weight of 13 kilograms with dimensions of 1490 millimeters X 675 millimeters X 35 millimeters respectively. This photovoltaic module has the capability to produce power ranging from 125 watts and 140 watts.

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