SS-40 Flat Plate Solar Collectors from Solar Skies

Solar Skies manufactures a range of flat plate solar collectors. The SS-40 flat plate solar collector weighs 153 pounds and covers a gross area of 39.79 square feet. It has a transparent area of 37.47 square feet and consists of a one inch header. The SS-40 flat plate solar collector has dimensions of 121.25 inches X 47.25 inches. The absorber of the collector is made of copper and contains a Thermafin forge weld. The weld optimizes heat transfer by creating a homogenous connection between the riser and copper fin. The SS-40 solar collector consists of a backsheet made of embossed aluminum.

SS-40 Flat Plate Solar Collector

The flat plate solar collector from Solar Skies can be installed quickly because of the quick lock mounting hardware. The mounting hardware facilitates installation of the collector on flat roofs, pitched roofs, balconies and on the ground. The frame of the SS-40 flat plate solar collector is available in a powder coated bronze finish and is made of aluminum. The tempered glass of the collector is a High-T type that contains less than 1 per cent of iron oxide. It facilitates solar energy transmission of more than 91 per cent.

The aluminum extruded batten of the SS-40 solar collector consists of ribbed aluminum extrusions along with a compressed EPDM gasket. This batten also provides water tightness. The collector from Solar Skies has been coated using selective crystal clear coating. SS-40 solar collectors are suitable for industrial, commercial and residential applications.


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