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ATI-RF52w Photovoltaic Solar Roof Tiles from Alps Technology

Alps Technology provides photovoltaic solar roof tiles. The ATI-RF52w solar roof tile is suitable for all kinds of commercial, industrial and residential applications. These roof tiles are specifically designed for sloping roofs. The ATI-RF52w photovoltaic solar roof tile comprises different components such as multicrystalline solar cells, connectors and tempered glass. This roof tile also has a composite base that aligns perfectly with standard concrete tiles. The photovoltaic roof tile from Alps Technology is manufactured using multicrystalline solar cells with an overall size of 156 millimeters.

ATI-RF52w Photovoltaic Solar Roof Tile

The ATI-RF52w photovoltaic solar roof tile comprises of 14 solar cells that are connected in series with each other. This solar roof tile also consists of EVA resin and a plastic frame. The solar roof tile from Alps Technology has an overall weight of 14 pounds and measures 47 inches X 13.5 inches, respectively. The ATI-RF52w photovoltaic solar roof tile produces a power of 50 watts at a maximum voltage and current of 6.65 volts and 7.52 amperes. The module of this solar roof tile has an overall efficiency of 10.3 percent with a performance tolerance of +/-3 percent. The open circuit voltage and short circuit current specifications of the solar roof tile are 8.59 volts and 8.06 amperes, respectively. These solar roof tiles are available in terra brown and slate gray colors.


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