Posted in | News | Recycling Pioneers Environmentally Friendly Remanufacturing Process is ahead of the online green ink cartridge revolution with its new HP ink cartridge product offer. Reacting to consumers wanting high-quality printer cartridges that are both environmentally friendly and budget-friendly, has pioneered a new remanufacturing process that delivers quality and environmentalism, all at a low cost.

Transition to Remanufactured Cartridges:
When remanufactured cartridges were initially introduced, the process was not always executed correctly. Often, the cartridges were refilled without being cleaned properly, and then they were sent back to the consumer. The industry soon earned a bad reputation, because low quality remanufacturing lead to print head clogs, which lead to routine equipment failure. The economical, environmentally safer process used by solves this problem.

“We’ve revolutionized the process of remanufacturing ink cartridges,” said Ben Chafetz, Vice President of Marketing. “We ensure each Canon, Epson, and HP ink cartridge, along with our other brands, passes a rigorous inspection before it ever leaves our warehouse.”

Remanufacturing Quality Control, How it Works:
Even the term rigorous, though, seems a bit tame. Each ink cartridge is extensively cleaned, as is the print head nozzle. Then, it is filled with the exact same formula the manufacturer uses, and carefully checked to make certain the internal pressure settings are correct. From there, the shell is hand-inspected, and the electrical circuitry is tested for optimal operation. Finally, it must pass an actual print test in the manufacturing facility. Once it has passed inspection at every level, it can be sent out to customers.

Avoiding Landfill Waste, Going Green is More Important than Ever:
It has been estimated that 350 million ink cartridge products end up in landfills each year. Every time a remanufactured cartridge is bought, there is a chance to save up to three and a half pounds of solid waste from a landfill. With remanufactured cartridges, environmental savings don’t have to come at the expense of higher prices.

“You’re not only helping keep waste out of a landfill when you choose our line of remanufactured HP ink cartridges or any other brand,” said Chafetz. “You’re also getting a product that’s much easier on your wallet. Most of our remanufactured choices run close to forty percent less than the manufacturer’s product.”

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