Skystream 3.7 Wind Turbines Supplied by Mountain View Solar + Wind

Mountain View Solar & Wind supplies a range of renewable energy products including the Skystream 3.7 2.4kW wind turbine. This wind turbine is suitable for residential and small business applications. The Skystream 3.7 is a compact, all-inclusive wind turbine. It has the ability to produce electricity even in low wind conditions. The compact wind generator has the capacity to provide electricity to fulfill 40 to 90 per cent of the total energy requirements of a home. With rated speed ranging from 50 to 330rpm, the wind turbine operates quietly.

The rate capacity of the Skystream 3.7 2.4kW wind turbine is 2.4 kilo watts. This residential wind turbine features a downwind rotor that is 12 feet in diameter, featuring stall regulation control. The rotor rotates in the clockwise direction looking upwind, with a swept area of 115.7 square feet. The rotor consists of three blades made of fiberglass reinforced composite. The cut-in wind speed of the Skystream 3.7 2.4kW wind turbine is eight miles per hour, while the rated wind speed is 29 miles per hour.

The survival wind speed of the residential wind turbine is 140 miles per hour. The Skystream 3.7 2.4kW wind turbine features a braking system with redundant relay switch control and electronic stall regulation. On demand, a battery charge controller kit is also available with the wind turbine. This wind generator, available from Mountain View Solar & Wind, also features passive yaw control and permanent magnet alternator that is brushless and slot-less.

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