Power Tube Argus Manufactured and Supplied by Power Tube

Power Tube offers the Power Tube Argus, a geomagmatic device that does not require steam, pressure or water for its operations. This device utilizes Earth heat and temperatures ranging from 110 to 200 degree Celsius. The Power Tube Argus is suitable for 1 to 5 and 10 MW applications.

Power Tube Argus

The major components of this geomagmatic device are the turbine or generator, condenser, pump, boiler and thermal riser. The turbine or generator of the Power Tube Argus initiates speeds up to 10,000 rpm. Coupled with the turbine, the generator produces electricity and utilizes an isopentane/isobutene mixture as the working fluid. The working fluid, once heated, is found at the exit and inlet. This fluid is converted into a liquid by the condenser. The condenser of the Power Tube Argus is air cooled and comes in a cross flow configuration. Once condensed, the liquefied working fluid is pressurized by the pump into the inlet.

The function of the boiler of the Power Tube Argus, manufactured by Power Tube, is to increase the temperature of the working fluid drastically. Thus, when the working fluid enters the boiler, it is in the form of a liquid, but when it leaves, it is converted into a vapor due to the high temperature. The thermal riser of this geomagmatic device is used to extract the temperature of the Earth with the help of two concentric tubes. The fluid goes down the two tubes and returns with the heat to the boiler.

Source: http://www.powertubeinc.com/

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