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Solar Chill 1412XP Solar Evaporative Coolers from Southwest Solar

Southwest Solar manufactures various models of solar powered evaporative coolers including the Solar Chill 1412XP evaporative cooler. The solar evaporative cooler has the capacity to cool a maximum of 300 square feet, moving air at a speed of 1150 cubic feet per minute. The evaporative cooler uses the fresh air system, bringing the fresh air into the room from outside.

Solar Chill 1412XP

The Solar Chill 1412XP evaporative cooler exchanges air in the building once in every two to three minutes. This type of cooling minimizes environmental air impurities to a great extent. The windows or doors should be partly opened so that the circulated air is exhausted outside and fresh air enters inside. The solar powered evaporative cooler, offered by Southwest Solar, can be operated directly from photovoltaic panels with 85 to 130 watts. However, with a deep cycle battery, this evaporative cooler functions more efficiently.

The Solar Chill 1412XP evaporative cooler features a 14-inch diameter fan and an 8-inch thick wet pad. This 12-volt solar evaporative cooler is also available in 24 volt and 48 volt models. The average watt usage of the evaporative cooler is 38 to 52 watts. The dimensions of the Solar Chill 1412XP evaporative cooler are 19.5 x 21 x 24 inch. As optional, an air diffuser and two-speed control package are also available with this solar evaporative cooler.


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