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SolarHot Platinum Series Solar Collectors from Sunstore Solar Energy Solutions

Sunstore Solar Energy Solutions designs, installs solar hot water systems, and also supplies a range of thermal products from manufacturers. The SolarHot Platinum series solar collector features Tinox blue sputtered absorber. With low profile design, the thermal collector looks similar to a skylight on the roof. The black colored aluminum extrusion casing enhances the look of the collector.

The absorber plate of the SolarHot Platinum series solar collector comprises copper fins and copper risers that are ultrasonically welded together. This provides high efficiency to the collector. The front of the collector features single pane tempered glass that has a thickness of 4mm. The solar glass is designed to minimize reflection. The solar glass has 0.03 percent iron oxide content that facilitates increased solar transmittance.

The SolarHot Platinum series solar collector has a polyurethane foam insulation to prevent air infiltration. Over this insulation, a mineral wool layer is added to offer extra insulation. An aluminum foil is attached to the insulation to protect against out-gassing. The solar thermal collector is equipped with EPDM gasket that gives high resistance to UV radiation and temperature differences. The back plate of the collector is made of aluminum that is light in weight and corrosion resistant.


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