Q6LM Monocrystalline Solar Cells Available from Q-Cells

Q-Cells manufactures and distributes a range of solar cells and thin film modules. Solar cells are available as monocrystalline cells and multicrystalline cells. Since the monocrystalline cells have 6-inch extended format, they provide more energy. There are three types of solar cells, namely Q6LM, Q6LTT and Q6LTT3. The Q6LM monocrystalline cell available from Q-Cells has 156mm hedge length, which makes it efficient than the multicrystalline solar cells of Q6 series.

Q6LM Monocrystalline Solar Cell

The Q6LM monocrystalline solar cell provides efficient energy, which is equal to 3.97Wp per cell. It is one of the efficient mono cells available on the market. This solar cell, supplied by Q-Cells, is produced using purified poly silicon. The two bus bars included in the mono cell are used for stringer compatibility.  The blue anti-reflecting coating on the Q6LM solar cell helps to improve its light absorption and efficiency. Its alkaline texturization offers an orderly look to the cells and makes it to form a uniform module.

The Q6LM solar cell is available in 156 x 156mm size. Its front contacts are made with 2 x 2mm bus bars in silver and an alkaline texturized surface. This cell is finished with a blue anti-reflecting coating done with silicon nitride. The back contacts of the monocrystalline cell have 2 x 4mm bus bars made in either silver or aluminum. The Q6LM cell low light performance and is available in different categories: Q6LM-1600, Q6LM_1620, Q6LM-1640, Q6LM-1660 and Q6LM-1680.

Source: http://www.q-cells.com

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