HotPot Solar Ovens from Sierra Solar Systems

Sierra Solar Systems provides HotPot brand of solar ovens. These solar ovens minimize the energy costs by utilizing clean and free energy available from sun. The HotPot solar oven consists of a five liter pot that is made using black steel. This black steel pot is placed inside a tempered glass bowl. The pot is placed with the help of its flanges and fixed in such a manner that there is a gap of 1/2 inches between the pot and transparent glass bowl. The black steel pot is available with a tempered glass lid that is transparent and fixed tightly to the pot. The reflector placed around the pot can be folded, when the solar oven needs to be stored or transported.

HotPot Solar Oven

The solar oven from Sierra Solar Systems operates by allowing both indirect and direct solar energy to penetrate through the tempered glass. This penetrated solar energy would then strike the black steel pot and automatically gets converted to heat. The glass bowl around the pot helps to retain the heat that results in attaining the desired cooking temperature.

The HotPot solar oven is a high performance oven that has the capability to operate continuously for a maximum period of six hours. This solar oven from Sierra Solar Systems can achieve maximum cooking temperatures ranging from 350 degree Fahrenheit to 400 degree Fahrenheit.


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