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SPR10 Residential Solar Powered Refrigerators and Freezers from Polar Power

Polar Power supplies a range of solar powered refrigerators for residential and medical applications. The residential solar DC powered refrigerators and freezers have ABS molded door shelves that are foam-filled and are constructed with fiberglass interior liner. The dual refrigeration coils present in the refrigerator and freezer are capable of making the temperature regulation better. Solar powered refrigerators and freezers are equipped with a brushless DC hermetic compressor for a smooth operation and a copper condenser to work efficiently in hot weather.

SPR10 Residential Solar Powered Refrigerators

The refrigerant and insulation of the residential solar/DC powered refrigerators and freezers from Polar Power are made of non CFC materials.  The solar refrigerators and freezers are designed with reversible doors and adjustable shelves. They are available in two models, namely SPR10 and SPR16. The SPR10 solar powered refrigerator and freezer is available in two constructions, free-standing model and built-in model. In the free-standing model, compressor is fixed at the bottom of the refrigerator while the built-in model is equipped with remote compressor.

The SPR10 solar powered refrigerator and freezer is available in 12V and 24V models with single and dual compressors. The 12V single compressor model has 11.5 to 16.5V DC power capacity and has 5.5A as its maximum current rate. The 24V single compressor model has power capacity of 22 to 32V DC and maximum current rate of 3.5A.


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