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CX 35-65 Thin-Film Solar Modules from Q-Cells

Q-Cells supplies solar cells and modules made of monocrystalline and multicrystalline silicon with thin-film technologies. The thin-film modules, supplied by the company, are available in three models, namely, the CALYXO CX 35-65, SOLIBRO SL1 and SONTOR SN2.

CX 35-65 Thin-Film Solar Module

The CX 35-65 solar module is made of cadmium telluride (CdTe) or cadmium sulfide (CdS) cells. The cadmium telluride cell is suitable for converting radiation energy effectively into electrical power. The solar-active layers of the module absorb sunlight in thousandths of a millimeter to provide high energy. The cadmium telluride is produced from waste products from the mining industry. In order to develop a water-insoluble semiconductor, the CdTe technology alters cadmium with tellurium. This water-insoluble semiconductor is a basic element of thin-film modules. The CdTe is encapsulated safely amidst two glass substrates to generate electricity for decades.

The CdTe thin-film solar module is available in a length of 1200mm and width of 600mm. It has a thickness of 6.8mm and weighs up to 12.0kg. This solar module, from Q-Cells, includes a junction box that contains solar cables and connectors with a rated protection class IP 65. This CX 35-65 thin-film module has no bypass diode and frame. It is equipped with a Multicontact MC4 connecter and its cable has a length of 600mm or 800mm. This module’s front and back cover is made of glass in a size of 3.2mm. The CdTe PV module also includes EVA laminating foil, metallic source materials and a supporting structure. It has less sensitivity to temperature and come with an energy payback time.

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