Cost-Cutting and Energy-Saving Window Glass Panels from SAGE

SAGE Electrochromics, Inc. a company engaged in the production of electronically color changeable glass products, has brought out energy-effective window glass panels. The glass windows are the result of combining electronically tintable dynamic window know-how with a triple-pane construction characterized by high R-value. The design of the construction offers increased comfort levels with ambient heat and light.

According to John Van Dine, CEO and Founder of SAGE, the new product will cut-down energy utilization and make the place comfy, productive and pleasant. Also, the glass windows eliminate the need of having automatic shades, screens and externally constructed sunshades. They also enable buildings to gain LEED credit and reduce the size of HVAC systems required. Further, the inexpensive product serves as an effective solar energy management solution and helps to save on investments.

The new triple-pane product has an insulating R-value that is more than 8 in comparison with other pane glasses, which have R-3 value. The product, built using superinsulation and with dynamic tinting ability, provides 16% more energy-saving than existing static triple pane glass products featuring low-E, and 50% more than single pane glazing products. The product is said to be useful for both new constructions and for alterations in heating-dominated places.

The glass product from SAGE utilizes dynamic tinting technology that deploys nanotechnology to create the glazing effect. This glazing effect can be managed by electronic means to handle excessive day light.  The know-how used in the product manages the normal day light and solar heat gain efficiently, thus enhancing the comfort level of the inhabitant by reducing glare and saving on energy costs.


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