Tioga Energy Partners with BJ’s Wholesale Club for Installation of Solar Systems

BJ’s Wholesale Club is partnering with renewable energy services supplier Tioga Energy for installing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on its facilities. Solar system integrations services provider Spire Corporation will serve as the partner for construction purposes of these solar installations. The club already has 12 rooftop installations on its facilities and has reaped the environmental and economic advantages of utilizing solar energy.

Two of the rooftop systems that are currently being built in South Attleboro and Leominster, Massachusetts are likely to be completed by next month, with the other two rooftop systems coming up in New Jersey are scheduled to be finished in the near future. By means of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with Tioga, the rooftop systems will be financed and installed. The SurePath Solar PPA of Tioga helps provide 22% of BJ’s Wholesale Club’s annual electrical energy needs.

BJ’s Wholesale Club Manager of Energy Kevin Moran stated that since the 1990s the company has taken steps to reduce electricity costs by means of energy efficiency measures and the use of solar power; furthermore, the partnership with Tioga underscores the company’s commitment to solar energy.

The Energy and Environmental Affairs’ Secretary for the state of Massachusetts Ian Bowles has appreciated the efforts taken by Tioga and BJ’s Wholesale Club to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, cut down the usage of electrical energy generated from fossil fuels and contribute to the clean energy future of Massachusetts.

The new installations will mean that the Wholesale Club will produce over 2,000 kW of solar energy, with the installations in New Jersey offering 500 and 409 kW and the installations in South Attleboro and Leominster providing 344 and 308 kW, respectively.

Source: http://www.tiogaenergy.com

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