RF19 Refrigerators and Freezers from EnergyPro

EnergyPro offers a wide range of solar power products such as solar charge controllers, solar refrigerators and freezers, solar panels, solar pumps and other energy efficient products. Solar DC refrigerators and freezers are available in two models manufactured by Sun Frost and Sundanzer. The RF19 refrigerator and freezer model is supplied in 12V or 24V DC, or 110V or 220V AC models.

RF19 Refrigerators and Freezers

The Sun Frost solar refrigerators and freezers offer amenities such as food-saving storage, easy-to-clean interior, high humidity and ultra-quiet operation. These solar powered appliances can also be custom crafted so that customers can choose the desired hinge sides and finishes. These appliances are available in wood and laminate finishes, along with an additional stainless steel option. The Sun Frost RF19 is designed with two components, one a refrigerator and the other one a freezer. It can be designed with the freezer on the bottom or on the top. The RF19 model’s refrigerator compartment is slightly smaller than the RF16 model and its freezer compartment is twice as large as the RF16 model. Therefore, the RF19 model eliminates the need for a separate freezer.

The RF19 refrigerator and freezer model is mounted on a cabinet, which has a height of 13-inches. It utilizes two fans, which are highly efficient and quiet, to maintain the cool exterior cooling coils. The solar refrigerator and freezer system supplied by EnergyPro is available in a width of 34 inches and depth of 27 inches.

Source: http://www.energyproaz.com/

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