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TriStar MPPT Charge Controllers from Morningstar Corporation

Morningstar Corporation is a supplier of photovoltaic inverters and controllers for various applications. It offers the TriStar MPPT and SunSaver MPPT charge controllers. The TriStar MPPT charge controller has 45A or 60A at up to 150V open circuit. It is a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) battery charger suitable for off-grid PV systems up to 3kW. The TriStar MPPT solar controller provides peak efficiency of 99% and less power loss. It incorporates a smart tracking algorithm to increase the energy harvest from the photovoltaic. The TriStar MPPT is the first photovoltaic controller included for a web-enabled interface.

TriStar MPPT Charge Controllers

The TriStar MPPT solar controller increases the energy harvest through TrakStar MPPT technology. The TrakStar technology provides improved peak power point tracking. It helps in sweeping the entire I-V curve faster and identifies the multiple power points in mixed PV arrays. The solar charge controller supplied by Morningstar Corporation has no internal cooling fan and mechanical relays, and is available in thermal design. Its parallel circuit design offers longer life and less stress to electronic components. This charge controller is equipped with epoxy enclosed inductors and coated printed circuit boards.

The TriStar MPPT solar controller has communications and extensive networking capabilities by enabling data logging and system monitoring. Its optional meter and remote meter offers alarms, faults and detailed operating data. The system status is displayed by the three LED’s. This solar charge controller is available in two models, namely TS-MPPT-45 and TS-MPPT-60. The TS-MPPT-45 model has a maximum battery current of 45A. Its nominal maximum solar input for 12V, 24V and 48V are 600W, 1200W and 2400W, respectively. The nominal system voltage of this charge controller is 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V DC. The TS-MPPT-45 model’s maximum open circuit voltage is 150V DC.


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