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Bio Senior Biomass Boiler Systems from German Power Generators

German Power Generators offers power generators, biomass heating systems, and solar power products from different manufacturers. The Talbott’s Bio Junior and Bio Senior biomass boilers offered by the company use different biomass fuels including agricultural and forest residues, wood pellets, wood chips and energy crops such as Miscantus and coppiced willow. The recommended size of the wood chip used for burning in this heating system is 25mm. The Bio Senior biomass boiler system has a heat output from 400kW to 2000kW, and it is designed for larger applications.

Bio Senior Biomass Boiler Systems

The Bio Senior biomass boiler system is equipped with a horizontal heat exchange system, and a step grate system for maximum heat efficiency. It uses a combustion chimney fan for safe operation. This boiler system offered by German Power Generators can be connected easily to existing pipe work systems. It is insulated all around to increase its heat resistance. This heating system includes a high temperature combustion chamber and it requires minimum maintenance.

The Bio Senior biomass boiler system incorporates a screw fed fire protection system. It has an ash clean out door with an auto de-ash system as an option. The sight inspection glass and inspection cover are included in this boiler system. This boiler system has ceramic lined furnace in high temperature and equipped with a cyclone to separate the airborne ash and collect it in an ash bin. It is available in different models based on their output capacities.


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