Field Applied Roofing PV Laminate for Steel Roofs from Event Horizon Solar + Wind

Event Horizon Solar & Wind provides the Field Applied Roofing PV Laminate (PVL) for Steel Roofs manufactured by UNI-SOLAR. This photovoltaic laminate product is available in six models with varying dimensions and specifications. Every PVL used in the product use the UNI-SOLAR patented Triple Junction solar cells. These cells are placed on a continuous roll of steel utilizing a unique roll-to-roll placing process, thus allowing the production of an exclusive stretchy type solar cell. To ensure durability the PVL is capsulized in UV stabilized polymers to make them sturdier. The by-pass diodes are linked crossways to each cell to ensure power production even during moderately shaded conditions.

Field Applied Roofing PV Laminate for Steel Roofs

The Field Applied Roofing PV Laminate for Steel Roofs provided by Event Horizon Solar & Wind utilizes a unique triple junction technology. Each cell used in the module is compiled with three semiconductor intersections piled on each other. The cells kept at the bottom, middle and top positions assimilate red, green and blue color lights, respectively. The spectrum separating capability of this module is the key element for its efficiency.

The dimension of the maximum rated UNI-SOLAR PVL-136 model measures 18 ft in length, 15-1/2 inch in width and 0.12 inch in width and weighs 17 lb. The rated power of PVL-136 is 136 W, nominal operating voltage 24 V, operating voltage 33 V and operating current 4.13 A.


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