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Breathe California Presents Kaiser Permanente with Clean Air Award

Kaiser Permanente has been recognized by Breathe California for its efforts in reducing air pollution and global warming.

Kaiser Permanente received the Clean Air Award in the category of leadership at the 20th annual ceremony of Breathe California held at San Francisco.

Kaiser Permanente has taken innovative steps to tackle climate change. The Sustainable Energy Strategy of the company aims to reduce the demand for energy, keep a check on air pollutants and increase the consumption of renewable energy resources. In 2009, this energy strategy was instrumental in investing $2.4 million in projects focused on energy efficiency, including new lights and window film installations. Improvements such as these can result in energy savings of over $1.2 million annually. Moreover, Kaiser Permanente is in the process of deploying 15 MW of solar energy in an agreement that will install solar power systems in California at 15 facilities by around mid 2011.

Kaiser Permanente’s efforts are not only limited to the environment, but also to the health of the community as well. The company’s Community Health Initiatives are spread across 40 communities all across the U.S., and the program focuses on Healthy Eating Active Living for addressing the main causes of chronic diseases and obesity. In 2008, this program was involved in the giving of grants to 1,181 institutions. In order to encourage physical activity among people, these initiatives helped to build bike paths and parks.

The commitment of Kaiser Permanente to the health of the community and the environment is driven by its basic focus on prevention. The company believes that the spreading of infectious disease can be prevented by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. The company also believes that its efforts in reducing the usage of toxic chemicals has led to the decrease of these substances’ air emissions, which in turn can prevent illnesses including asthma, Parkinson’s disease and cancer. In 2009, the company invested $1.7 billion for helping under-privileged people living in its communities get provided with its vital services and expertise.


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