Evergreen Solar ES-A 210 Photovoltaic Panel from Solar Depot

Solar Depot offers Evergreen Solar manufactured ES-A 210 W photovoltaic panel. This module incorporates trade marked String Ribbon type of solar panels and use wafer technology for more power production. The ES-A 210 provides 5 W more power than other comparable models. The anti-reflective treated glass used in the solar panel augments the capturing of light source for increased energy production. This module has more than 90% temperature rating for increased power production during hot days.

Evergreen Solar ES-A 210 Photovoltaic Panel

The length x breadth measurement of Evergreen Solar ES-A 210 solar module is 65 inch x 37.5 inch and weighs 41 lbs. Under standard test conditions the module offers a Pmp of 210 W, a P tolerance of -0/+4.99 W, a Pmp max of 214.99 W, a Pmp min of 210.00 W, a Nmin of 13.4%, a Pptc of 189.8 W, a Vmp of 18/30 V, an Imp of 11.48 A, a Voc of 22.80 V and an Isc of 12.11 A. This module uses an IP65 junction box. The series fuse rating of this module is 20 A and the maximum system voltage (UL) is 600 V.

The ES-A 210 W photovoltaic panel offered by Solar Dept is designed to meet the quality standard requirements of UL 1703, UL 4703, UL Fire Safety Class C, IEC 61215 Ed.2 and IEC 61730 Class A standards.

Source: http://www.solardepot.com

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