Thermomax DF100 Tubes from NuTech Renewables

NuTech Renewables offers direct flow solar collector module the Thermomax DF100 Tubes. The DF100 comprise a line of solar tubes and an insulated manifold. The heat transfer fluid used in the module circulates coaxially through the manifold and tubes. The created vacuum inside every one of the tubes offers right type of insulation thus protecting the system from weather changes such as high humidity, cold and windy weather. The vacuum insulation also ensures efficient conversion of collected energy into usable heat without heat loss.

The Thermomax DF100 Tubes

The Thermomax DF100 Tubes provided by NuTech Renewables is available in DF100 - 2m2 and DF100 - 3m2 models. The length × width × depth measurement of the Thermomax DF100 - 3m2 model is 1996 mm x 2127 mm x 97 mm and weighs 81.4 kg. The fluid volume of this model is 5.6 L and the size of the inlet and outlet is 22 mm.  This module is mounted with an inclination of 0-90°.  The provided operating data of this module includes a rated flow rate of 240 l/h, a minimum flow rate of 180 l/h, and a maximum flow rate of 480 l/h. The maximum operating pressure of this module is rated as 8 bar and the stagnation temperature as 286°C.

The Thermomax DF100 Tubes provided by NuTech Renewables incorporates a copper absorber, a selective type of coating, stainless steel and aluminum mounting frame and EPDM type of clips.  This model has necessary quality certification and solar key mark.


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