OPEL SF-20 CPV Dual Axis Tracker Solar Module from Opel Solar

Opel Solar offers the OPEL SF-20 CPV Dual Axis Tracker solar module. The dual axis tracking system provided in this module utilizes a solar probe to accomplish a maximum solar tracking accuracy of ±0.1°. 

OPEL SF-20 CPV Dual Axis Tracker Solar Module

The OPEL SF-20 CPV model comprises a sturdy reinforced frame to prevent crouching during high wind conditions thus maintaining a high level of tracking accuracy. The control system incorporated in this module has networking capabilities to share common resources such as a GPS unit to avail updates on time and location and an anemometer to safeguard the trackers during adverse wind conditions.

The OPEL SF-20 CPV Dual Axis Tracker provided by Opel Solar has a vertical height of 5.2 m, width of 4.2 m, a horizontal depth of 5.1 m and this module weighs 345 kg. The frame of this module weighs 245 kg and is designed to withstand a wind speed of 145 km. The module area of this model is quoted as 4,2 m x 5.1 m and its electrical yield is 3780 W. The azimuth rotation of OPEL SF-20 CPV is 205º and the inclination angle range is 90º.

The OPEL SF-20 CPV Dual Axis Tracker from Opel Solar has electrical characteristics such as an operating voltage of 12 V, a consumption of 14 Wh/day, an open loop tracking accuracy of ±1° and a tracking accuracy (closed loop with sun sensor) of maximum³ ±0.3°.

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