REC Introduces Novel REC Peak Energy Modules

A new manufacturing plant of REC in Singapore has introduced the REC Peak Energy Module, which offers more power for every square meter with highly efficient glass and cell design. The manufacturing facility is a large automated and integrated facility, which facilitates REC to enhance solar module and cell volumes by four times.

The REC Peak Energy Module features three bus bars and enhanced contact between the metal fingers and cell, which improves electrical flow, thereby generating a 9-W average power gain. The glass etching process uses Sunarc technology for increasing the energy output by 2%. The modules are convenient to handle and lift and also have a durable and robust design, and can support as high as 5,400 Pa of mechanical load.

REC modules are committed to sustainability and have one year energy payback time. The company’s innovative novel fluidized bed reactor (FBR) silicon manufacturing process utilizes 80–90% less energy compared to conventional methods.


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