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A-1500 Wind Turbine Model from AAER Systems

AAER Systems provides the A-1500 wind turbine model. This wind turbine is designed with three blades and a horizontal-axis turbine for good wind energy harvesting. The A-1500 wind turbine can be deployed at all types of wind sites including that of low-level wind sites.

This wind turbine incorporates a variable rotation speed and a full length pitch control for increased aerodynamic efficiency all-through its functional range of usage.

The A-1500 Wind Turbine Model

The A-1500 wind turbine model provided by AAER Systems is compactly built and incorporates a strongly constructed gear box with a structured rotor shaft. This model includes an advanced type of gear system providing increased working life to the model, and a streamlined enclosure. The torque and speed controlled yaw system utilized in the model avoids needless strain on the used components and a sophisticated remote control system is provided to monitor the system performance constantly.

The A-1500 wind turbine from AAER Systems incorporates a unique blend of electrical torque control and pitch control. This blending allows the wind turbine to function with maximum aerodynamic efficiency even at wind speeds measuring 4 m/s. This wind turbine is designed to produce regular steady output at wind speeds ranging from 11 to 20 m/s.


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