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  • Article - 4 Sep 2019
    Tribology is the “science of interacting surfaces in motion” and it aims to reduce friction, wear and increase efficiency.
  • Article - 5 Jul 2019
    Flywheel energy storage is a promising replacement for conventional lead acid batteries. How does it work as an energy storage system?
  • Article - 28 Jun 2018
    Aviation has come a long way since the Wright Brothers first took to the skies early in the 20th Century. Gone are the flimsy glider assemblies that carried a single person: today’s aeroplanes are...
  • Article - 30 Aug 2016
    Thermal energy is produced through the movement of particles within a system or object, it can also be referred to as kinetic energy.
  • Article - 26 Apr 2022
    Researchers, conservationists and environmental engineers are increasingly using drones instead of lower-resolution satellite photos, slower land surveying equipment, and costly and often unavailable...
  • Article - 20 Jan 2022
    Atmosfair unveiled the world’s first commercial clean jet fuel plant on 4 October 2021, producing synthetic e-kerosene - a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based kerosene.
  • Article - 14 Dec 2021
    AZoCleantech interviews Christopher Barton, CEO and founder of Barton Blakeley Technologies, about a world-first carbon conversion system turning emissions into silica. The company's development will...
  • Article - 19 Aug 2019
    Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) belongs to a category of composite materials comprising polymer matrix and fibrous material. This article discusses the applications of FRP in several industries.
  • Article - 3 Oct 2018
    When considering most industrial applications, it is often both extremely time- and cost-consuming to construct multiple different metal parts that are needed to make up a single large material or...
  • Article - 11 Nov 2021
    The aviation industry contributes more to global warming because of the climate pollutants it generates. Looking at Klöwer, M. et al's journal paper published in Environmental Research Letters, this...