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  • Article - 16 May 2018
    The ocean’s currents flow over 100 meters above the ocean’s surface, as well as several thousands of meters below the surface.
  • Article - 16 May 2018
    Generating power while facilitating travel at the same time, solar highways could be the roads of the future. We essentially have the technical know-how to make them, so why aren’t solar highways...
  • Article - 16 May 2018
    Increasing energy requirements is leading to higher fossil fuel consumption and high greenhouse gas emission, which are suspected to cause climate change.
  • Article - 16 May 2018
    Solar power is becoming increasingly popular as a clean and renewable source of power generation all over the world. The cost of production of commercial solar panels has dropped by more than half...
  • Article - 17 Apr 2018
    It is no longer hyperbole to describe what’s happening in the solar power industry as a revolution. It began with the price of solar cells falling through the floor – a remarkably sustained run of...
  • Article - 12 Apr 2018
    This article discusses how to protect your skin from pollution. The skin is a complex organ and forms a protective barrier all over the surface of the body. It is very important to protect it from...
  • Article - 3 Apr 2018
    This article discusses the new trend of floating wind farms and whether or not they prove their worth
  • Article - 3 Apr 2018
    Denmark initiated the first offshore wind project, and since then, commercial-scale facilities have been operating in shallow waters around the world.
  • Article - 3 Apr 2018
    This article discusses the production process of using cannabis as a renewable energy.
  • Article - 8 Feb 2018
    Damless hydropower plants, a.k.a. run-of-the-river plants, are thought to be ideal for energy generation for settlements near a river or stream.

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