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  • Article - 22 Jul 2013
    In the literature, thermodynamics is conventionally defined as the science of energy and entropy. Since energy and entropy do not have the same currencies (units) and represent two distinct entities,...
  • Article - 20 Feb 2020
    To keep up with energy demands, scientists are striving to make solar cells more efficient by using thin films so that more electricity can be generated from the same amount of sunlight.
  • Article - 13 Mar 2018
    The DustIQ system from Kipp & Zonen facilitates the real time monitoring of the effect of soiling on photovoltaic systems.
  • Article - 8 Oct 2013
    Solar power could one day become a major source of energy and a way of life. Today, however, it only represents less than 1% of the world's energy.
  • Article - 9 Mar 2016
    Some of consumers’ biggest objections to traditional solar panels is that they can be unsightly and take up large amounts of space. Now, researchers have developed novel technology that allows solar...
  • Article - 12 Feb 2008
    A green building, also referred to as a sustainable building, is designed and constructed with a focus on maximizing resource efficiency and minimizing ecological impact.
  • Article - 9 Mar 2017
    Within the first year of the discovery of thermoionic energy convertors (TEC) in 1957, the application of this method in space programs was flourishing, however its restricted ability to be applied...
  • Article - 16 Nov 2013
    Efficient solar energy conversion with photovoltaic cells requires materials that can harness solar photons absorbed in a wide spectral range from visible to infrared regions, and can convert most...
  • Article - 7 Dec 2012
    Photovoltaic (PV) cell is the technical term for solar cell, which is used to convert sunlight directly into electricity.
  • Article - 24 Apr 2018
    Solar technologies have been increasing in popularity for many years and have opened a new renewable energy source.