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  • Article - 27 Jan 2013
    Thermoelectric generators, or Seebeck generators, are devices that directly convert heat into electricity through a process called the Seebeck effect or thermoelectric effect.
  • Article - 24 Jan 2013
    Energy that can be obtained from natural resources such as wave, tidal, rain water, wind, geothermal heat and solar is defined as renewable energy.
  • Article - 4 Jan 2013
    Fossil fuels such as coal and oil are depleting at an alarming rate, causing many countries to look for alternative resources.
  • Article - 31 Dec 2012
    A roof garden is any type of vegetation established on the roof of a building. Apart from the decorative benefit, roof garden serves the purpose of providing architectural enhancement, temperature...
  • Article - 29 Dec 2012
    Geothermal energy is the heat obtained from the ground. This energy originates from the radioactive decay of minerals and the original formation of the planet. The utilization of geothermal energy...
  • Article - 29 Nov 2012
    Wind energy is converted into useful energy by means of wind turbines that produce electrical power, wind pumps and windmills that produce mechanical power. Wind power is renewable, clean, widely...
  • Article - 25 Sep 2012
    In this interview, AZoCleanTech talks to Victor Rosenberg, CEO of Tropiglas Technologies, regarding new innovations in building energy efficiency with energy efficient glass.
  • Article - 28 Jun 2012
    As many Australians will know, carbon pricing, or carbon ‘tax’ will come into effect on 1st July 2012. This article hopes to briefly explain how it may affect both the general public and companies,...
  • Article - 21 Jun 2012
    In this interview for AZoCleantech, Stuart Weidie, President of Alliance AutoGas, talks about how conversion to propane power could change the future of American transportation.
  • Article - 13 Oct 2011
    The performance of solar cells is based on several parameters that include film thickness, substrate texture, accurate contact finger formation and wafer edge quality. Zeta-200 Automated 3D...