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  • Article - 24 Apr 2018
    Solar technologies have been increasing in popularity for many years and have opened a new renewable energy source.
  • Article - 2 Jun 2016
    The spread of solar cell farms - power plants fueled by the sun and typically found where the sun is plentiful and land is cheap - are evidence of the ever-evolving solar technology. Two forms...
  • Article - 31 Dec 2012
    Thermal depolymerization is an industrial process of breaking down various waste materials into crude oil products. In this process, the materials are subjected to high temperatures and pressure in...
  • Article - 18 Dec 2012
    Nanotechnology is a subject which has been popular within the scientific and technology industries for many years. It is now with the ever growing advancement in technology that nanotechnology is...
  • Article - 18 Sep 2012
    In this interview, Arik Dayan, CEO of Amiad Water Systems Ltd, talks to AZoCleanTech regarding the need for clean, sustainable water supplies.
  • Article - 18 Sep 2012
    In this interview, AZoCleanTech talks with Laurence Dummett, CEO of Biofiba, about the need for sustainable pallet materials.
  • Article - 11 Sep 2012
    In this interview, E. William Radany, Ph.D., President and CEO of Verdezyne, talks to AZoCleanTech about sustainable industrial biotechnology.
  • Article - 19 Nov 2009
    Designed to bring together leaders in materials science and energy, Materials Challenges 2010 aims to facilitate information sharing on the latest developments involving materials for alternative and...
  • Book
    Update on Mouldable Particle Foam Technology summarises the present status of particle foam technology and how specific challenges have already driven its development. This includes the potential...
  • Book
    Update on Medical Plasticised PV considers the history of plasticised PVC in medical applications and the manufacturing and processing of plasticised PVC together with its properties are reviewed. The...