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  • Article - 9 Jan 2008
    The US solar industry has seen advances in solar cell technology in recent years. In the race to make solar cells cheaper and more efficient, researchers are betting on new designs that exploit...
  • Article - 18 Dec 2012
    Nanotechnology is a subject which has been popular within the scientific and technology industries for many years. It is now with the ever growing advancement in technology that nanotechnology is...
  • Article - 16 Nov 2013
    Efficient solar energy conversion with photovoltaic cells requires materials that can harness solar photons absorbed in a wide spectral range from visible to infrared regions, and can convert most...
  • Article - 26 Aug 2019
    Nanotechnology is already being used within numerous applications in the renewable energy sector to help to both improve on current methods of energy production, and to create no ways to harness...
  • Article - 22 Mar 2017
    Researchers claim that thinner and more transparent nanofilms can also be useful, as these transparent structures could allow light to pass through.
  • Article - 21 Feb 2017
    Researchers at the University of Toronto’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering have recently developed a planar PSC made at low temperatures of less than 150 °C.
  • Article - 8 Oct 2013
    Solar power could one day become a major source of energy and a way of life. Today, however, it only represents less than 1% of the world's energy.