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  • Article - 8 Mar 2008
    Industry emits large volumes of carbon dioxide every year which has a profound impact on our planet, and researchers are examining new ways to lessen the amount emitted or capture what is released.
  • Article - 4 Feb 2008
    This article discusses the harmful effects of cleaning products and the ways in which we can switch to greener alternatives.
  • Article - 8 Jan 2008
    A nanoantenna is a very tiny antenna used to study nanoscale interactions. It is basically an electromagnetic collector that can absorb specific wavelengths proportional to its size.
  • Article - 7 Jan 2008
    An experimental gas turbine simulator equipped with an ultra low-emissions combustion technology has been tested successfully using pure hydrogen.
  • Article - 24 Dec 2007
    As fossil fuel resources continue to decrease worldwide, more and more attention is being focused on harnessing power from renewable energies generated from alternative natural sources.
  • Article - 17 Dec 2007
    The level of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere accumulates quickly through everyday actions such as driving a car or leaving a light on.
  • Article - 14 Dec 2007
    In the process of global transportation, storage of energy and consumption, greenhouse gases (including water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone) are emitted into the atmosphere.
  • Article - 8 Dec 2007
    The term carbon footprint commonly refers to the total amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and other greenhouse gases (GHG) that an organization or individual is accountable for producing.
  • Article - 1 Jul 2016
    Solar panels are a renewable technology that generates heat or electricity using sunlight as a source of energy. They can be utilized as an element of a larger photovoltaic system for electricity...