Ten Tips For Making Your Home More Environmentally Friendly

Tips for a Green Home


This article gives 10 simple tips to make your home more environmentally friendly . These tips are designed to help homeowners improve energy efficiency, save money and decrease their carbon footprint.

Tips for a Green Home

  1. Look for home products that contain recycled content - like carpeting made from soda bottles.
  2. Use safe, natural and non-toxic cleaners. Your body and wallet will thank you.
  3. Ask your power company if they do free energy audits to better understand your energy usage and find ways to improve your efficiency.
  4. When choosing hardwoods, look for products containing low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or look at reclaimed wood options.
  5. Switch to low-flow toilets and faucets to decrease your water usage.
  6. Make the switch to programmable thermostats and motion detection switches for lights. That way, you'll only heat and light your house when you need it.
  7. When carpeting a room, remember that the carpet's cushion acts as an insulator. Be sure to choose a good one.
  8. Buy into your local Community Supported Agriculture program. These organic, local foods are a green and affordable way to feed your family.
  9. When replacement time comes around, consider upgrading to high efficiency windows and appliances as well as compact florescent light bulbs. For an even larger impact, consider an investment in proper insulation. While some of these upgrades may cost a bit more up front, they'll pay back their investment in a few short years and give you continued energy savings for many more years to come.
  10. Do your homework. Remember, being green is more than just a fashion statement. If you want to incorporate green practices into your life, know the companies that make the green products you buy. Just because someone says it's green, doesn't always mean that it is. Get the facts. Get it in writing. Also, involve your kids - they probably know more about being green than you do.

Source: AZoCleantech and Mohawk Industries

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