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Acoustic Insulation Performance
Acoustica's QuietWave Wall System
Comparison Product Chart
QuietWave Wall System Performance


In 1991 Acoustica® was the first to introduce polyester sound and thermal insulating materials to Australia. This breakthrough with polyesters revolutionised the industry by overcoming health and recycling issues associated with the then existing products. Acoustica's QuietWave is a high performance drywall noise barrier that delivers exceptional performance due to it's patented constrained layer membrane.

Acoustic Insulation Performance

Acoustica's QuietWall® system incorporating QuietWave® delivers six star acoustic performance, a class above the BCA requirements, from the thinnest possible wall.

  • Exceeds BCA minimum requirements for airborne sound insulation for a wall between attached dwellings
  • Meets the highest possible AAAC acoustic rating of 6 stars
  • Rw62 and Rw + Ctr = 55 dB
  • With the thinnest possible wall section of 148 mm
  • Most economic 6 star rating wall system available

The building code of Australia (BCA 2004) acoustic requirements introduced new and more onerous acoustic standards of Rw + Ctr = 50 dB for party walls between apartments, townhouses and other attached dwellings. Acoustica's QuietWave® wall system not only meets the minimum requirements of the new BCA code (equivalent to AAAC 5 star rating) but is a class ahead at AAAC 6 stars.

Acoustica's QuietWave Wall System

Acoustica's QuietWave® wall system comprises:

  • One 13 mm thick plasterboard
  • One 1.2 mm thick QuietWave® visco-elastic membrane
  • One 13 mm thick plasterboard
  • 64 mm staggered studs in a 92mm track
  • 50 mm thick insulation
  • One 13 mm thick plasterboard
  • One 1.2 mm thick QuietWave® visco-elastic membrane
  • One 13 mm thick plasterboard

Figure 1. Acoustica's QuietWave Wall System

Comparison Product Chart

Figure 2. Product comparison chart

Acoustica's QuietWave® flexible visco-elastic membrane consists of a patented constrained layer membrane, combined with vibration damping material 'floating' elements. At just 1.2 mm thick it is easily handled and can be installed by just one person.

QuietWave Wall System Performance

The QuietWave® flexible visco-elastic membrane can be penetrated without any degradation in performance. The finished wall system has a solid feel and when impacted upon, sound resonates similar to a masonary wall. QuietWave® increases the low frequency performance of the wall system to counter noise from entertainment sources such as home theatres and any other electronic entertainment noise.

QuietWave® also controls the large coincidence dip in the upper-mid frequency region of 2500 - 4000 Hz, which typically occurs in plasterboard walls. Acoustica's QuietWave® wall system provides the best acoustic performance with the thinnest possible wall section.

Figure 3. QuietWave Wall System performance

QuietWave® wall system provides a saving of 50% in the width of the wall against a comparable 6 star rated wall system. Gain 1 m² of floor-space for every 6.6 m length of wall, or reduce the overall footprint of the apartment block

Save money with the industry's lowest cost 6 star rated wall system

Step up a class with the highest performance AAAC rating at a cost

Source: Acoustica


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