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Clean Technology: Lapka Environmental Monitor

Increasing levels of pollution and contamination in the environment is a cause for concern globally. For me, or any other individual, we are confined to the environment we find ourselves in. I always think about what I am breathing in, in terms of pollution, and whether the environment I am in contains more pollution than others.

I would love to be able to see the difference between the pollution in the air within inner city areas and the countryside. Is there any difference at all? You would think so, but do we really know?

In today's world when we have a 'need' or a 'desire' for knowledge or information, we turn to the internet or we say, 'is there an app for that?'.

Lapka Electronics – the designers and manufacturers of the Lapka environmental monitor - achieved just that.


The Environmental monitors are split into four sensors.

Breakthrough Technology

The Lapka environmental monitor is a sensor-based device that combining a smartphone and its accompanying app to provide data on various environmental factors.

It is a small, portable, sleek personal environment monitor that can measure, gather, and analyze the unseen aspects in the user’s immediate environment.

The unseen aspects are basically the particles, ions, molecules and waves. It is aesthetically designed to complement the smartphone.


The Organic Sensor for testing food.

Lapka Components

The Lapka environmental monitor package contains four Lapka sensors, two cables, stickers, carrying bag, and an instruction pamphlet.

The Lapka is compatible with smartphones and does not require any additional batteries as it is directly powered via the phone, and utilizes software that is easily downloadable.

The four sensors are designed for specific purposes of radiation, electromagnetic fields (EMF), humidity and organic measurement detection. The dimensions of each of the sensors are listed below:

  • Lapka radiation: 3 x 0.74 in/7.62 x 1.88 cm
  • Lapka EMF: 2.24 x 0.74 in/5.69 x 1.88 cm
  • Lapka humidity: 1.49 x 0.74 in/3.78 x 1.88 cm
  • Lapka organic: 2.24 x 0.74 in/5.69 x 1.88 cm


The Radiation Sensor

How it Works

The Lapka sensors are capable of providing precise measurements on radiation levels, fertilizer content in food, humidity and EMF using built-in computation and algorithms based on research and professionally calibrated devices.

Lapka sensors:

  • The radiation sensor not only provides the user with highly accurate data about the radioactive particles in the surrounding environment but also helps them analyze how the data might affect them.
  • The organic sensor is designed to check the organicity of food items. The user has to insert a steel probe into the food to ascertain whether synthetic fertilizers have been used. It can detect nitrates (commonly found in non-organic fertilizers) that might be left behind by the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in raw produce.
  • The electromagnetic fields (EMF) sensor can detect the electromagnetic waves caused by wireless transmitters, electronic devices, or power lines in the vicinity. Using the Lapka EMF, users can locate a spot in the house with the least electromagnetic pollution where they can place their bed, work desk, or yoga mat.
  • The humidity sensor helps to measure the temperature and relative humidity in the immediate environment. The data can then be combined and compared with the prior knowledge about the comfort standards thereby helping users better understand their personal climate at any given moment.

The Lapka environmental monitor has further scope for the development of new sensors that can provide data on any number of environmental factors.

The Organic Sensor is built with a probe for testing food.


I love this gadget and I want one! In the age of the smartphone Lapka have come up with a creative design that allows consumers to easily acess and be made aware of the environment around them.

Awareness of the environment around us and will help us make better choices and lead a healthier lifestyle. The organic sensor really captures my attention. Being able to detect whether there are any synthetic fertilizers is cool and something which could be really popular amongst the general public.

The Lapka environmental monitor is definitely a creative and promising green gadget that keeps users informed, and plugged into their environment all the time.

Lapka — Personal Environment Monitor

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  1. Nick Gilbert Nick Gilbert United Kingdom says:

    Just one question, are these available to buy now? and where can I get one?

    • Kris Walker Kris Walker AZoNetwork Team Member says:

      I believe you can! https://mylapka.com

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