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The Eco-Friendly Soma Water Filtration System

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Clean and healthy drinking water is an essential requirement for human beings. A great way to ensure contaminant-free, pure drinking water is to use water filtration systems, such as the environment-friendly Soma water filtration system.

The Design of Soma Water Filters

Mike del Ponte, the founder of the Californian company Soma, worked with water filtration experts Markus Diebel, Joe Tan and David Beeman to design and produce the world’s first completely biodegradable filter.

The Soma water filtration system consists of a biodegradable filter and a glass carafe. The carafe is designed with a bevelled edge in order to prevent water from being spilt. The organic filter is made from Malaysian coconut shell carbon, food-based plastic and a layer of vegan silk enclosed in a plant-based composite.

The filter lid contains a specially designed seal which prevents the lid from falling off. Expired filters can be dropped in green bins in commercial composting facilities where they will biodegrade over time and minimise their negative environmental impact.

The Significance of Soma Water Filters

With its hourglass-shaped glass carafe, Soma’s water filter is designed to fit perfectly into the hand of the pourer. The filter’s modern and sustainable design removes impurities and improves the taste of the water at a very low cost. Using the filter is very easy as it only requires the user to fill carafe with tap water and let it filter in order to produce pure drinking water.

The filters need to be replaced every two months to ensure pure water is produced. Soma have made filter replacement convenient with its subscription service, which ensures timely delivery of a fresh filter every two months. Fresh filters are delivered to your door every 60 days for just $12.99, without any shipping charges.

Partnering with a non-profit organization charity: water, Soma is also focused on providing clean and safe drinking water to people in need.

The Future of Soma Water Filters

The team of designers at Soma have created an award-winning water filter which is innovative convenient and eco-friendly. Soma are currently working to mitigate as many risks as possible in terms of product design, shipping services and supplier coordination.

The designers believe that the smart, beautiful and sustainable Soma water filter will certainly redefine the way in which you drink and serve water in your home.

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